ALO_Application - Subject: Soliciting Volunteers for the...

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Soliciting Volunteers for the 13L Air Liaison Officer (ALO) Career Field Suspense for applications: No suspense, however ROTC and USAFA applicants should observe deadlines in paragraph 3.A.(1) below. Applications will be reviewed as received and successful applicants will be placed in the first available Phase II ALO Aptitude Assessment (AAA). Current or prior 1C4 applicants do not attend Phase II AAA. Email applications to ACC/A3FC workflow at: ACCA3FC.JID@LANGLEY.AF.MIL 1. Applications are now being accepted for the 13L ALO career field. This announcement is for 2012 graduates of the USAF ACADEMY (USAFA), Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) Detachments, USAF cross flow officers, current or prior 1C4XX OTS candidates, and Inter- service Transfer (IST) Candidates. 2. We are seeking highly motivated candidates who are interested in becoming a 13L ALO. Officers who are selected will begin training on a space available basis after completion of Phase II AAA 3. Eligibility criteria: A. (1) USAFA and AFROTC cadets in their senior year. Although the Phase I will no longer have a set date, applicants should observe the following deadlines: ROTC applicants should submit their applications no later than October 15 th to be eligible to attend Phase II in December. USAFA applicants should submit their packages by January 31 st to be eligible to attend Phase II in March. USAFA applicants who submit their packages by the October 15 th deadline may be placed in the December Phase II if space permits. (2) USAF active duty officers. Officers must be non-rated, rank of 2LT through major, and less than eleven years TAFCS by the date they start Phase II. (3) USAF active duty enlisted with current or prior 1C4 experience. OTS slots are limited. Potential applicants should contact the 13L CFM before submitting their package for up-to-date info on slots. All OTS slots are filled until July of 2012, so OTS applications should be submitted by December 31 st , 2011. All OTS applicants must have AFRS verify eligibility to attend OTS; send OTS application packages to HQ AFRS/RSOCL, 550 D Street West Suite 1, Randolph AFB TX 78150, in care of Ms. Rose Navarrete-Flores. Email
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ALO_Application - Subject: Soliciting Volunteers for the...

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