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Page 8 of 10 AS 400 Spring 2011 Staff Summary Exercise In your Air Force career, you will experience numerous occasions in which one of your subordinates will be assigned to prepare a project for your commander. In these cases, it will be part of your job to review the subordinate’s work and offer critiques or corrections before allowing the subordinate to turn in the project. The Air Force standard tool for coordinating these kinds of tasks is the Staff Summary Sheet (SSS). When your commander receives the finished product, she will know that you have reviewed it because your signature on the SSS will indicate that the project officer coordinated with you and that you approved the package as written. During the course of this term, the AS 300 class will be completing research and a written presentation on the planning and execution of a fictitious Cadet Wing Base Visit. For the purposes of the assignment, each AS 300 student will assume the role of Special Projects Squadron Commander (SPS/CC). They will prepare a staff summary package, including an SSS, and submit
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