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APRIL 2010 PART I Lesson Title: Leadership Accountability Teaching Method: Informal Lecture Time Required: 1 hour Prerequisite Classes: None Visual Aids: PowerPoint Slides Student Preparation: Read Student Reader. Supplemental -- The Armed Forces Officer Chapter 7; Responsibility, Accountability, and Discipline. Certified by: Holm Center/CR (Dr. Charles Nath III) PART IA Cognitive Lesson Objective: Comprehend principles of leadership accountability. Cognitive Samples of Behavior: 1. Define accountability. (L, SG) 2. Explain Unlimited Liability. (L, SG) 3. Describe the relationship between Air Force Core Values and accountability. (L, SG) Affective Lesson Objective: Respond to the need for ethical and accountable behavior in the military service. Affective Sample of Behavior: Continually examine your actions to ensure they are accomplished ethically and accountably. PART IB Strategy: The purpose of this lesson is to ensure students realize the tremendous responsibility of accepting a commission in the United States Air Force. The lecture begins with a definition of accountability to ensure all students have a common understanding. After defining accountability, the lesson discusses General Fogleman’s quote concerning the need for more accountability in the Air Force, and explains the difference between mistakes and crimes. Ensure the students understand that we are not operating in a one mistake Air Force. Next, explain the concept of unlimited liability and how it affects accountability. Using the Oath of Office, point out key passages that relate to an acceptance of unlimited liability and accountability. Finally, discuss the relationship between Air Force Core Values and accountability. Emphasize that living up to the Air Force Core Values makes being accountable easy. Ensure the students understand leaders are held accountable for their actions every minute of every day. Students should realize their role as leaders will be scrutinized in every aspect, and their commitment to the Air Force goes beyond just wearing a uniform. Lesson Outline: A. Definition of Accountability B. Unlimited Liability C. Core Values and Accountability Lesson 36-1
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PART II INTRODUCTION ATTENTION (Suggested: Can an organization that kills people and destroys things for a living be ethical? Is all fair in love and war? Should we expect the military to operate ethically? The answer is a resounding yes! Not only should we expect it, we must demand it! Just as there are rules in a boxing match, there must be rules to conducting war. Also, there must be rules of ethical behavior for military personnel in peacetime as well. If these rules are violated, there must be accountability.) MOTIVATION (Suggested: As officers in the world’s most respected Air and Space force , you will be given an awesome amount of responsibility. With each increasing degree of responsibility comes an equal amount of accountability for your actions, lack there of, and your judgments. In order to
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