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APRIL 2010 PART I Lesson Title: Leadership Accountability Case Study “Blackhawk Shoot Down” Teaching Method: Video/Case Study/Guided Discussion Time Required: 1 hour Prerequisite Classes: Leadership Accountability Visual Aids: “Friendly Fire” (Blackhawk Shoot-Down) Video Student Preparation: Read Student Reader material for Accountability Case Study Certified by: Holm Center/CR (Dr. Charles Nath III) PART IA Cognitive Lesson Objective: Apply the concept of accountability to a case study. Cognitive Samples of Behavior: 1. Predict the effect of accountability on mission accomplishment. (L, SG) 2. Summarize the three key concepts concerning Air Force standards (uniformly known, consistently applied, and non-selectively enforced). (L, SG) Affective Lesson Objective: Respond to the need for officers to take full accountability for their actions. Affective Sample of Behavior: Given a scenario, justify the appropriateness or inappropriateness of an officer’s actions with regard to the concept of accountability. PART IB Strategy: This lesson focuses on a well-known case where a lack of accountability and responsibility were key factors in the loss of life and equipment. The case being covered is the Blackhawk Shoot-Down in Northern Iraq. The students are asked to read the case the night before, as well as the transcript from the video message former Air Force Chief of Staff, Gen Fogleman, made as a result of the incident and its surrounding circumstances (Note: The actual video is not viewed with this lesson. Instructors must also read the transcript of the video message in the student guide in order to effectively conduct the guided discussion). The class will start with the Blackhawk Shoot-Down video. The video will be followed by a guided discussion concerning the case. The focus of this lesson should be on an officer’s responsibility to the Air Force Core Values (Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in All We Do). You should also highlight that they are accountable for their actions and that their actions must be within their legal and moral authority. Lesson Outline:
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Leadership_Accountability_Case_Study_10 - APRIL 2010 PART I...

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