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APRIL 2010 PART I Lesson Title: Leadership and Management Case Studies Teaching Method: Case Study Time Required: 2 hours Prerequisite Classes: AS300/LS Curriculum Interrelated Information: AS300/LS Curriculum Visual Aids: None Student Preparation: Read Student Reader, Review Case Studies Certified by: Holm Center/CR (Dr. Charles Nath III) PART IA Cognitive Lesson Objective: Apply leadership and management theories and principles to a case study. Cognitive Sample of Behavior: Relate the appropriate leadership and management theories and principles to a case study. (L, SG) Affective Lesson Objective: Respond to the proper use of leadership and management styles. Affective Sample of Behavior: Voluntarily participate in case studies during the lesson. PART IB Strategy: This class is intended to have the students use the skills they've developed during training in evaluating/solving a case study. The instructor should relate the Air Force Core Values wherever appropriate in the case studies. NOTE: Case Study # 1 is mandatory. Lesson Outline: (For each case) A. Case preparation B. Case presentation C. Case discussion INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION 1. This lesson is geared to provide a practical experience that will permit the students to use leadership skills and techniques and apply the principles of problem solving to “real” problems. 2. Divide your flight into groups of four to six students and assign cases. Select discussion leaders for each group or let the groups choose their own leaders, whichever serves your purpose best. You need to accomplish at least three to eight cases, as time permits. Assign one or two cases to each group. Allow up to 30 minutes for preparation. Lesson 38-1
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3. Instructor Options (suggested): Case Select Groups and Assign the Case Leader Designate the Leader Don't Designate the Leader Presentation All Present Some Present Leader Present All Present Some Present Leader Present INSTRUCTOR NOTE: These are only options. You may set up your groups, select or not select leaders, and determine a method of presentation as you wish. Do have some form of organization. However, this is a flexible class that you may organize as you like. You may have students participate in two different groups or work only in one group. Try to relate group discussion to the students’ future as Air Force officers. 4. The only class requirements are: a. Cases assigned to groups of four to six students. b. The cases are presented. c. Informal critique of the presentation. 5. Due to the nature of the topic and specific requirements, you are only provided “school house” responses for the mandatory case (Case 1—Sexual Assault Case). All other cases are open for dissecting as you and the students see fit. Responses may vary each time you discuss these cases. As long as the students can provide a logical tie to lesson principles, consider them on track. Be sure to read and familiarize yourself with the case in order to effectively critique their presentations (informally). Be prepared to facilitate
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Leadership_Management_Case_Studies_10 - APRIL 2010 PART I...

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