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AS1B Winter 11 Name: Quiz #1 10 pts total - 1 Point Each 1. The ___________________ offers programs at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels at Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio and in civilian institutions across the country. Completing your degree is your primary duty when assigned to this program. 2. ___________________ is available to all active-duty service members. It is designed to encourage personnel to pursue higher educational opportunities while off duty in their spare time. It is capped at $250 per semester hour and $4500 per year. 3. The_________________ is the largest component of a member’s paycheck. It is calculated based on the member’s rank and time in service. 4. The___________________ is calculated based on location, rank and dependant status. You do not receive this if you choose to live on base in government furnished housing. 5. _______________ is given to members who are required to perform hazardous
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Unformatted text preview: duties regardless of their location. This would include members who duties include flying, parachute jumping, explosives demolition and working with highly toxic chemicals. 6. _______________ is given to members who use certain specialized skills such as medical or dental officers or members who are assigned to areas where they are subject to hostile fire or imminent danger. 7. Active duty members receive ____ leave days per year (vacation days). 8. _________________ is non chargeable leave that is used for the purpose of medical care when your absence is part of a treatment prescribed by a physician or dentist for recuperation. 9. The military health maintenance organization (HMO) is called _________________. This program provides a primary care manager and gives members access to medical care at medical treatment facilities. 10. What are some of the services and benefits provided to members by the base legal office?...
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