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FY12 Goal for AFROTC AFROTC Degree/Course 951 AFSC Requirements* Skill Description 13DXA None Combat Rescue 7 13DXB None Special Tactics 8 13L None Career ALO 13 13M None Airfield Operations 11 13S None 96 14N None Intelligence 176 15W Meteorology Weather 23 17D 24 hrs tech (probable) Cyber 80 21A None Aircraft Maint 40 21M None Munitions/Missile Maint 13 21R None Logistics Readiness 47 31P None Security Forces 28 32EXA Architecture Civil Engr 2 32EXC Civil Engr Civil Engr 1 32EXE Electrical Engr Civil Engr 4 32EXF Mechanical Engr Civil Engr 4 32EXG General Engr Civil Engr 26 32EXJ Environmental Engr Civil Engr 0 35P None Public Affairs 12 38F None Personnel/Manpower/Svcs 44 61AX Math / Ops Research Scientist 20 61BX Behavioral Psychology Scientist
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Unformatted text preview: 3 61CX Chemistry Scientist 2 61DX Physics Scientist 62EXA Aeronautical Engr Developmental Engr 28 62EXB Astronautical Engr Developmental Engr 12 62EXC Computer Engr Developmental Engr 9 62EXE Electrical Engr Developmental Engr 78 62EXG General Engr Developmental Engr 47 62EXH Mechanical Engr Developmental Engr 15 63A Engr, Math, Mgt, or 24 hrs Acquisition 50 64P 24 hrs Contracting 22 65F/W 12 hrs Financial Management 22 71S None Special Investigations 8 Total Non-Rated Line 951 Tech 354 Non-Tech 597 Pilot 505 Nav 204 ABM 68 UAS 80 Rated 857 Total 1,808 AECP SOC Total 1,808...
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