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GradLawFactSheet2011 - Graduate Law Program OVERVIEW HOW TO...

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Current as of 11 August 10 INFORMATION SUBJECT TO CHANGE www.afrotc.com 866.423.7682 OVERVIEW The Graduate Law Program (GLP) is a two- year Air Force ROTC program eligible for first-year law students only. Once selected for the GLP, students are eligible to compete for a position as an Air Force Judge Advocate upon completion of the AFROTC program and graduation from an ABA-approved law school. Appointments are contingent upon legal licensing requirements (including admission to practice before any state’s highest court). ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS To be eligible to apply for the GLP, an applicant must: Be first-year law students attending an ABA-approved law school that is also an AFROTC host or cross-town school Be in good academic standing Meet AFROTC entry standards (e.g.) to include: U.S. citizenship, pass the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT), pass the Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA), and pass the DODMERB medical exam Selectees must be under the age of 35
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