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AS1A – Winter 2011 Instructions for the oral presentation We will be completing one written and one oral assignment this quarter, a talking paper and a military style briefing. The talking paper is a tool that is used as a quick reference outline on key points, facts, positions, and questions to use during oral presentations. Once you have completed your talking paper, you will use it to begin preparing for your oral presentation. You should develop power point style briefing charts to use as visual aids. Remember that your charts should only have key points on them (DO NOT write an entire
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Unformatted text preview: paragraph on your chart and read it word for word). Your presentation should be clearly organized and have smooth transitions between main points/ideas. Remember to have a strong introduction and a strong conclusion that is more than just a recap or list of the main points that you briefed. Grading Criteria for the oral presentation Oral presentations should be 4 min +/- 30 sec in length and will be graded based on the briefing grade sheet that is posted on the course website as well as timing. 5% percent will be deducted for every 20 sec outside of the time window....
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