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AS1A – Winter 2011 Instructions for the written Assignment We will be completing one written and one oral assignment this quarter, a talking paper and a military style briefing. The talking paper is a tool that is used as a quick reference outline on key points, facts, positions, and questions to use during oral presentations. To begin this assignment, I would like for you to research a current event that affects our National Military Strategy, the Department of Defense and/or the US Air Force. Using pages 209-210 of the Tongue and Quill as a guide, write a 2-3 page talking paper that describes and
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Unformatted text preview: conveys the main ideas behind the current event. You will use this talking paper as a guide to prepare for your oral presentation. I have also included a sample talking paper on the course website with the correct formatting and some comments. Grading Criteria for the Talking Paper Grading will be done on a 10 point scale and you will be graded for format, clarity, and grammar/spelling (notice that this paper does need complete sentences in the bullet sections ). Each formatting or grammar error will count as minus -0.5 (-5%). PLEASE FOLLOW THE FORMATTING IN THE BOOK AND IN THE EXAMPLE!!!...
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