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Professor Peter Nabokov – Where the Lightning Strikes 4 Court cases that effect Native North America John Collier attempted to stop gov. against native traditions Peyote and the NA church o Used peyote – considered a drug by US gov. o Church also used eagle feathers (endangered species) Was outlawed because of Endangered Species Act o Comes in 1870’s through Lepon Apaches o Could practice religion in old ways but still keep a 9-5 job Anger over looting of native graves grows o Lose control of sacred items from museums and protection of sacred places Nixon Administration returns Blue Lake to Taos Pueblo o American Indian Religious Freedom Act Gov. had sting that targeted a bunch of OK Indians for having eagle feathers Act passes in 1978 to correct this o Looted bones were reburied, now have NAGPRA There is still an issue with protection of “sanctified landscapes” Tellico Dam – Eastern TN – dam 33 miles of Little Tenn. River to attract recreational people and tourists. o Cherokee called it The Long Man o Went everyday to jump on river (was a prayer – sort of re-baptizing everyday) o When Baptists came – Cherokee’s and Baptists took turns using the river o Dam would completely inundate sacred site “if they are flooded our spiritual strength from our forefathers will be taken away from us” (leader-descendent of Sequoyah) o environmental aspect –river is active/healing/keeps tree clean, etc. – nutrients o compare a flowing river to the manmade reservoirs were seen Smokey Mountain area and river o Nov 29, 1979 – waters backed up over all the sites of Cherokee - bodies excavated by salvages, buried in mass grave shaped like a mound o Chota – completely flooded town To make up for it, built an artificial “commemorative” structure which stood for the 7 Cherokee clans. Bodies weren’t buried w/ proper ceremony – were just dumped Southwest o Navajo – no-ne-josh – “rainbow turned to stone” o Kit Karson leads roundup of Navajo – gov. says they were going to get these people – use the Indian mercenaries (Navajo have small extended family bands) o Killed babies, horses etc. – aggressively rounded up everyone o Bosque Redondo (later Fort Summer) 1864-68. forced to stay there 4 years – lost much of tribe Depression, syphilis, bad water ensued o 1868 – treaty signed w/ gov + go bak to homeland because of problems with Hopi
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not all Navajos had been captured – some hid out recognized that it was a pre-existing place of sanctuary inhabited by their spirits when you go to a place, you leave something for the spirits (corn meal, tobacco, feathers, etc.) o flooding waters, power boats – court concludes Navajos had no property interest in “The Monument” o not suppose to go under bridge – sacred. It was actually two bridges, male and female
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m10-notes-03.15.08 - Professor Peter Nabokov Where the...

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