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- Supervises USG and MLC collaboration team of 5 to meet capabilities of Sq's $250M communications system - Directs engineering requirements/projects supporting US Forces Japan, Fifth Air Force and 374th Airlift Wing - Establishes 5-year architectural footprint in concert with civil engineering for comm infrastructure projects - Focal point for base comm plans, support agreements, infrastructure projects and downward directed programs - Ensures quality of 890 engineering drawings critical to design and integration of future communication systems - Evaluates $370M Gov't of Japan facility improvement program projects for engineering standards compliance - Monitors quality assurance section responsible for $300K power production contract and base CATV contract - Oversees base telecommunication officer program and training for aligning local needs with AFI requirements - Manages communication interests amongst base support organizations, providing visibility to senior leadership 2. KEY DUTIES, TASKS, AND RESPONSIBILITIES 275 8. NO. DAYS SUPERVISION Annual 374th Communications Squadron (PACAF), Yokota Air Base, Japan 5. ORGANIZATION, COMMAND, AND LOCATION 0R158 6b. SRID 3E072 4. DAFSC MSGT 2. SSN KIGER, GERALD L 1. NAME (Last, First, Middle Initial) 27 Dec 2005 From: 26 Dec 2006 Thru: SECTION CHIEF COMMUNICATIONS ENGINEERING 1. DUTY TITLE YM0RFFJN 6a. PAS CODE SENIOR ENLISTED PERFORMANCE REPORT (MSGT thru CMSGT) I. RATEE IDENTIFICATION DATA (Read AFI 36-2406 carefully before completing any item.) AF IMT 911, 20000601, V3 PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE. II. JOB DESCRIPTION III. EVALUATION OF PERFORMANCE 7. PERIOD OF REPORT Inefficient. An unprofessional performer. Good performer. Performs routine duties satisfactorily. Excellent performer.
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