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Winter2011_WritingAssignment - ASl3OB(A5300 Writing...

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Unformatted text preview: ASl3OB (A5300) Writing Assignment AF Form 1206 This assignment is beneficial to your career and future writing in terms of ACTION/RESULT/lMPACT for Performance Reports and Award Packets. You have the potential to be the Air Force’s strongest leaders, and being able to show it in writing is a taient that will oniy take you and your people further. You are writing an award for yourself, listing your performance as a cadet and student. Using action words and the Winter Qua rter’s class lessons, you'li write several buliets tailoring now you’ve appiied each lesson as a cadet, student, and citizen. For exampie: “impressive ability to motivate subordinates; established running group~«increased fitness scores over 90%” Or ”Took iead of CW staff; reinvigorated Fundraising program, doubled Eagie Wing financesmexemplifled active 1iollowersl'aigg” Not ail bullets will cover the iessons. You are encouraged to include buliets about your personal or work life that will contribute to the award packet. More criteria for your assignment: 1. Limited to 18 lines including headings 2. Headings required are: LEADERSHEP AND PERFORMANCE 3N PRIMARY DUTlES SlGNiFlCANT SELF—IMPROVEMENT SCHOOL/COMMUNEW ENVOLVEMENT 3. Buliets must integrate A5306 lessons a. Example provided to clarify which iessons b. You don’t need to write the builets in order of the lesson Ki. Paper is due 17 February 2011 a. Extra credit for those who turn it in on 10 Feb 2011 5. Must ieave as little “white space” as possibie 6. Piease refer to the example, then let me know if you have questions . NOMENATION FOR AWARD AWARD CATEGORY (iprpHcabie) : AWARD PERIOD AS 301) “”11th Assignment AS300 i Jan 2011 w Mar 201] RANK/NAME OF NOMINEE {First Middle imam. Last} I SSN (Enfer Last 4 Om‘y) MAJCOM. $3020“ 8% DRU E'T-‘Jself‘explanatoa'y g 1234 i AETC ' DAFSCIDUTYTITLE—n "M’INOMTNEESTELW HONE(st&cc:n}qe;c—ai} :;"C"adet Wing Pesilion é Eiself explanatory UNITIOFFICE SYMBOL!S"§REET ADDRESSESEATEJ'ZEP CODE fl‘ili out as applicable- RANKiNmé or: UNlT COMMANDER (First Middle initiai. Last) [COMMANDER'S TELngONE (DEN a; Commercial} Wiliiam Paris. Lt Col, USAF] 310-825—i742 SPEC‘FIC ACCOM¥3LISHMENTS {Use siege-spaced, buffet formal) LEADERSHIP AND PERFORMANCE EN PRIMARY DUTIES ~HC1mnge Managemenz Mi-‘ofiowership s’foOliVflliOI] 'Maeagemeni Fanations and PrincipEeS ~x;’(.0nfiict Managemem 1""i’ower and lnfluezéee 2’ . 'f‘feciive Supervision SEGMEHCAN'E" SEEE¢~IMPROVEM ENT SCTHOOE ECOMMU Ni'l‘Y INVOLV 13M EN? ff’i‘WAH notes after the W' am comments for you to alter for your final draft. Everything else can be left for you write in addition to... 1206, 20000791 vs PREVIOUS EDITION iS OBSOLETE ...
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