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AS1A – Fall 2010 Instructions for Written Assignments We will be completing two written assignments this quarter, a bullet background paper and a talking paper. The bullet background paper is a tool designed to present concisely written statements centered on a single idea or to present a collection of accomplishments with their respective impacts. The talking paper is a tool that is used as a quick reference outline on key points, facts, positions, and questions to use during oral presentations. I chose these two particular assignments because they are the ones that I have had to do the most frequently on active duty. On many occasions the General Officer at my base would ask for a bullet background paper on a particular program to bring himself up to date on the latest efforts. He would also frequently ask for talking papers if he had to brief a particular program to another senior leader. To begin this assignment, I would like for you to research a current event that affects our National Military Strategy, the Department of Defense and/or the US Air Force.
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