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Unformatted text preview: National Security Affairs / Preparation for Active Duty AS140A Syllabus Fall Quarter 2010 UCLA AFROTC DET 055 AS400 Fall 2010 Syllabus – National Security Affairs/Preparation For Active Duty Page 1 of 7 AS140A – National Security Affairs / Preparation for Active Duty Fall 2010 Quarter 1. Instructor Name: Lieutenant Colonel William Peris, Professor of Aerospace Studies Office: Student Activities Center (SAC) 232 Office Hours: By appointment Office phone: (310) 825-1742 E-Mail: [email protected] 2. Class Time, Location, and Credit a. Friday, 1300-1550 SAC Rm 215 3.0 hour/4 units b. Official university enrollment is required to attend class. Those not enrolled by week three will not be allowed to attend class without an official memorandum providing a valid explanation for lack of enrollment 3. Course Description: AS140 is a study of basic national security policy and process, air and space power, the role of military in society and current issues affecting the military profession. The student will comprehend the responsibility, authority, and functions of an Air Force commander. Coursework will require the student to apply listening, speaking, and writing skills in Air Force-peculiar formats and situations with accuracy, clarity, and appropriate style. A mandatory Leadership Laboratory complements this course by providing advanced leadership experiences in officer-type activities, giving students the opportunity to apply the leadership and management principles of this course. 4. Course Goals a. Understand national security policy, regional political issues and history, and the relationship of the military to these. b. Learn the roles, responsibilities, and authority of an Air Force commander and understand the requirements of an effective transition from civilian to military life. c. Continue to improve your communications skills. 5. Course Text Books a. National Security Affairs and Prep for Active Duty b. The US Constitution and Interesting Facts About It c. Regional Studies Reader d. Tongue and Quill 6. Course Web Site: . Information about the class and assignments will be posted on the course web page. USAF publications and forms are located at: 7. Grading Criteria a. Letter Grades : Your grade in this class is based on your performance. You must achieve a grade of “C-“ or better in your Air Force courses to maintain academic retention standards and remain in AFROTC. Your grade in this course is based on the following scale: 93 - 100 % A 90 – 92.9 % A- 87 - 89.9 % B+ 83 – 86.9 % B 80 – 82.9 % B- 77 – 79.9 % C+ 73 – 76.9 % C 70 – 72.9 % C- 67 – 69.9 % D+ 63 – 66.9 % D 60 – 62.9 % D- 59.9% - below F b. Assignment weighting : Student assignments and exams will be individually graded and combined using the following weights to determine the final course grade. AS400 Fall 2010 Syllabus – National Security Affairs/Preparation For Active Duty...
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This note was uploaded on 01/04/2012 for the course AERO ST 140A taught by Professor Williamperis during the Fall '10 term at UCLA.

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AS400_Fall_10_Syllabus - National Security Affairs...

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