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Lab 6 Photosynthesis Write Up - that are yellow and orange,...

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Drew Rasmussen Penny Louka Biology 191 Lab 5 October 2010 Lab 6: Photosynthesis: Lab Writeup 1. ***See attached paper for absorption spectra. 2. adsf 3. Having several pigments in a chloroplast allows the plant to absorb more wave lengths of light making photosynthesis more efficient at capturing the sun’s energy. 4. asdf 5. In the fall when leaves change colors it is caused by the green pigments Chlorophyll A and B degrading. When they degrade they become extremely faint, and the carotenoids
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Unformatted text preview: that are yellow and orange, thus making the leaves appear yellow or orange. 6. Electron transport in photosynthesis is extremely important. In photosynthesis the light energy creates a high energy electron donor and acceptor, and the donor gives up an electron to the high energy acceptor (usually Oxygen) which generates energy. 7. ***See attached graph. 8....
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