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Drew Rasmussen Penny Louka Biology 191 Lab September 27, 2010 Lab 6: Photosynthesis: Lab Pre-Write Up 1. Things appear the color they do because of the different wavelengths of light they absorb. For example plants appear green because they absorb all of the colors except green, which is reflected. Plants contain pigments called chlorophyll which reflect the green light, and when fall comes around the pigments degrade allowing the hidden pigments that reflect yellows and oranges to change the color of the leaves.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. The compounds ATP and NADPH are made in the light dependent reactions and are then used in the light independent reactions to produce CH20, ADP, Phosphate, and NADP + . 3. Electron transport is the passing of electrons from one carrier to another to move energy throughout the plants to create sugars and other forms of energy. In plants two of the main electron components of electron transport are NADH and O2 molecules. NADH is a high energy carrier, and passes off its electrons to O2 molecules....
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