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Drew Rasmussen Penny Louka Biology 191 Lab 5 October 2010 Lab 7: Mitosis and Meiosis: Pre Write Up 1. The three parts of Interphase are the G1 phase, the S phase, and the G2 phase. In the G1 phase cell growth is occurring, in the S phase DNA is being synthesized, and in the G2 Phase the cell continues to grow, and prepares for cell division. 2. ***See table below for differences in mitosis and meiosis. Mitosis Meiosis Consists of one nuclear division Consists of two nuclear divisions
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Unformatted text preview: Produces 2 Identical Cells Produces 4 different cells Produces identical cells because the cell is replicated by division Produces different cells because DNA is mismatched in the chromosomes Asexual Reproduction Sexual Reproduction Has 4 Primary steps in the process Consists of 8 Steps including the ones that mitosis undergoes Cell divides from one parent cell Cell comes from two gametes that come together to exchange genetic information...
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