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BIO 308: Study Guide Spring Semester 2007 AC Brown page 1 PAIN through CAPILLARY EXCHANGE A7c Objectives: The student shall know the facts, understand the concepts, and be able to deduce the consequences for each of the following: PAIN Nociceptor characteristics Adequate stimuli for pain and stimulus-response mechanisms Subtypes: "fast" and "slow" pain Localization acuity for pain Localization errors: Projection and Referred pain Pain intensity modulation; opioid peptides and opioid receptors; peripheral and central modulation Adaptation and sensitization Pain-induced reflexes utility; mechanisms of chronic pain AUDITION (HEARING) Sound parameters, loudness units, masking Hearing frequency range, audiogram, hearing loss Sequence for sound wave transmission to the cochlea; role of the external auditory meatus, tympanic membrane, middle ear ossicles, tympanic reflex, Eustachian tube Normal conduction, air conduction, and bone conduction; classification and diagnosis of deafness Cochlear structure: basilar membrane, organ of Corti, hair cells, tectorial membrane, fluid compartments, auditory (cochlear) nerve axons Basilar membrane vibration and traveling waves; inner and outer hair cell function Mechanism of hair cell stimulation, role of the stria vascularis Determination of pitch and loudness Auditory cortex, location and organization
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StudyGuide- 12-17 - BIO 308 Study Guide page 1 Spring...

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