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Exam2 study guide - Physiology 235 Fall 2010 Trubovitz...

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Physiology 235 Fall 2010 Trubovitz STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM 2 Note this is only a guide. Disclaimer and instructions: This is my best attempt to put together a guide for the exam. It is not a contract and it is possible I missed a few terms. Questions may be worded differently than the quizzes. Recognize means just that, you would have to find that concept in a multiple-choice question. Describe, discuss and explain as well bold topics may involve more, and could involve having you write something out. 1. Compare Mass balance and homeostasis. 2. Compare Homeostasis and equilibrium. Explain with examples. 3. Define and explain membrane transport, active vs Passive and 4. Compare relative concentrations of K+, Na+, proteins, Cl- and HCO 3 - between Plasma, Intersitial fluid and intracellular fluid. 5. Explain how Fick’s Law relates to diffusion rates. (no calculations just summarize key factors). 6. Give functions of membrane proteins. 7. Compare carrier and channel membrane proteins. 8. Compare symport, antiport and uniport carriers. 9. Define: ligand and receptor. 10. Distinguish between different gating of channel proteins, chemically, voltage or mechanically. 11. Compare primary (direct) and secondary (indirect) active transport. Use examples. 12. Explain how carrier mediated transport is effected by specifity, competition and saturation. 13.
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Exam2 study guide - Physiology 235 Fall 2010 Trubovitz...

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