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Exam3 study guide

Exam3 study guide - Biology 235 Trubovitz Lecture 3 Study...

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Biology 235 Trubovitz Lecture 3 Study Guide Be able to complete the following in preparation for the 3 rd exam. This is just a guide, review the powerpoint and read the textbook. This is a dymanic guide, meaning it will be modified regularly as needed. Chapter 9 1. List the late developmental regions of the brain and the structures they develop into. 2. Identify the major brain regions and give a brief list of their functions. 3. Name and identify the meninges. 4. Compare gray and white matter, locations, functions and makeup. 5. Trace CSF from formation through the CNS to where it leaves the CNS. 6. Give functions for CSF. 7. Explain medical issues with CSF not circulating correctly. 8. Explain the metabolic needs of the CNS. 9. Identify regions of the spinal cord for somatic sensory, motor and autonomic functions. 10. Draw and label a spinal reflex arc. Include all 5 components. 11. Identify the lobe of the cerebrum. 12. Identify the components of the diencephalon and their functions. 13. Recognize the basal nuclei and their general function. 14. Define the 3 functional specializations of the cerebrum.
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