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Exam6 Final study guide - Biology 235 Trubovitz Lecture...

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Biology 235 Trubovitz Lecture Final Study Guide Be able to complete the following in preparation for the Final exam. This is just a guide, review the powerpoint and read the textbook. This is a dynamic guide, meaning it will be modified regularly as needed. Chapter 22 1. Define appetite, polyphagia and satiety. 2. Name the two key eating control centers of the hypothalamus. 3. Compare glucostatic and lipostatic theories. 4. What is leptin? 5. Name the 3 categories of work done by our cells. 6. Compare calorie content of different foods, CHO vs Protein vs Fats. 7. Recognize factors affecting metabolic rate. 8. List and compare the two chemical forms of energy storage. 9. Define anabolic, catabolic. 10. Distinguish between absorptive and post-absorptive metabolism. 11. Define: Glycogenesis / glycogenolysis / lipogenesis / lipolysis / ketosis. 12. Explain why Foie gras is sweet or rich tasting. 13. Define push-pull control. 14. Define chylomicron and ketone body. 15. Distinguish between LDL an HDL. 16. Compare the affects of glucagon and insulin. 17. Explain daily cycles of insulin and glucagon secretion. 18. Distinguish between type 1 and type 2 Diabetes mellitus. 19. List symptoms and problems associated with diabetes. 20. Define hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. 21. What is a HMG coA reductase inhibitor, give specific example. 22. List mechanisms to keep body temperature within homeostasis. 23. Compare heat exhaustion and heat stroke.
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Exam6 Final study guide - Biology 235 Trubovitz Lecture...

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