2011 How To Study For Quizzes And Exams

2011 How To Study For Quizzes And Exams - How To Study for...

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How To Study for Exams in Biochemistry Adapted from https://www.pharmacy.purdue.edu/~mcmp304/HowToStudyForQuizze sAndExams.pdf The very best way to prepare for quizzes and exams in Biochemistry is to study the course material before and after each lecture as well as paying attention for important non-content information during lecture. Some help in doing this daily study of biochemistry is described in a co m panion docu m ent entitled “How to Study Daily.” If one studies daily, what else can be done to produce the best performance on quizzes and exams? Some advice for how to study for quizzes and exams are described below, Remember, this advice is about studying that is in addition to how one should study daily . Before ex a m s LIST: Identify which lectures will be covered by the exam; then make a list of topics actually covered in those lectures (see Topics and Readings by Lecture on the course web site) REVIEW MATER IA L: Go over each learning objective for these topics, making sure you have learned it. (See How To Study Daily document on the course web site for how to assess whether or not you have learned each objective.) Also, make sure that you know which learning objective is associated with which topic. You may find that studying with other students is helpful for testing your understanding of concepts. If any objective is not well understood and learned, then the lecture notes and/or reading on that subject should be reviewed until it is clear. If that does not help, then attend a help session or visit instructor during office hours, or if the question can be clearly articulated in a brief manner, submit the question by email to instructor. REVIEW QUESTIONS: Check out the practice questions to see where your learning was not good enough. Check to m
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2011 How To Study For Quizzes And Exams - How To Study for...

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