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2011 memorizeit - Pharmacology: Its the Memorization,...

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Pharmacology: It’s the Memorization, Stupid! Or: The Way You Are Probably Being Taught Pharmacology Sucks Let’s start off with an experiment. Take a look at Table 1, below. Table 1. Whatizzit? Property Specification or Meaning ID (VIN) First digit: country of manufacture First two letters: manufacturer and make Second digit: type of vehicle Next two letters: engine size Next digit: introduction date Next digit: check digit Next letter: model year Next letter: place (plant) of assembly Next 6 digits: serial number Fuel Octane: 97 or greater Capacity: 3.7 U.S. gal (incl. 0.5 gal reserve) Oil, engine Rating: HD 240, multigrade Viscosity: 2W/50 above 40 o F (4 o C) 10W/40 below 40 o F (4 o C) Capacity: 3 U.S. qts. (2.8 L, 2.5 imp. qts.) Fork oil Type HD Type E or equivalent Capacity Wet: 9.0 U.S. oz. (266 mL) Capacity Dry: 10.2 U.S. oz. (302 mL) Primary drive capacity 32 U.S. oz (946 mL, 33.3 imp. oz.) Backplate-to cylinder 4-21 lb-ft. (19-28 N . m) head bolt torque Compression 120 psi (8.3 kg/cm 2 ) Alternator Stator coil resistance 0.2 – 0.4
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Can you recognize what this information is about? Obviously some sort of motorized vehicle or other mode of transportation. Why do I say obviously? What clues are there to help you make that conclusion? With just a bit of information, can you tell which is “important?” Now take a look at Figure 1. Does that give any clue? The photo certainly doesn’t show the entire “thing,” but I’ll bet you have enough information stored in your brain, from prior experience, to add the “missing parts” and make a mental picture of the entire object — a motorcycle — without the need for having all the information (in words or pictures) in front of you. OK. The data and photo are for my Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The data are just a tiny fraction of all the supposedly important stuff found in various books and manuals. The photo shows only a small part of the entire thing. And even though probably fewer than 10% of you ever owned or rode a motorcycle, most of you recognized it as a motorcycle without having to think too hard. Now that we’ve identified the object, we can ask: What information must I know to use the motorcycle safely, or to maintain it? What should I commit to memory, and should I memorize both U.S. and metric units for various variables ? Which pieces of data can I ignore altogether ? Let’s see. I might need to know what the various digits and letters of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) represent, but probably not too often. I need to provide the VIN to my insurance agent, to the motor vehicle registration folks, and will have to give it to the police should my wheels get stolen. But I can look that up when needed, and the truth is I’ll probably need that information only a few times in the many years I’ll be riding my cycle. I have to fill my Harley with gas every week (about every 95 miles), or face the fact that
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2011 memorizeit - Pharmacology: Its the Memorization,...

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