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Student Academic Learning Services Page 1 of 4 www.durhamcollege.ca/sals Student Services Building (SSB), Room 204 905.721.2000 ext. 2491 This document last updated: 7/29/2011 Cells and Cell Metabolism Quiz 1. Which one of the following is NOT true about the cell membrane: A) It consists of two lipid layers. B) Its lipid components are primarily phospholipids and cholesterol. C) It contains proteins for specialized functions. D) It regulates the entry and exit of cell materials. E) It allows water soluble molecules to pass through easily. 2. Ribosomes are found: A) on smooth endoplasmic reticulum. B) in the cytoplasm. C) on the golgi apparatus. D) on the rough endoplasmic reticulum. E) in the cytoplasm and on the rough endoplasmic reticulum. 3. The movement of fluid through the cell membrane from a high pressure area to a low pressure area is called: A) active transport. B) bulk transport.
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Cell-and-Cell-Metabolism-Quiz - Student Academic Learning...

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