Chapter 4 Histology Outline

Chapter 4 Histology Outline - CHAPTER 4 HISTOLOGY: THE...

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CHAPTER 4 HISTOLOGY: THE STUDY OF TISSUES CHAPTER OVERVIEW : This chapter introduces the major tissue types in the body and emphasizes the relation of structure and function in tissues. The structural and functional characteristics of each major tissue type are reviewed, especially in the context of identifying the tissues. The histology of the body membranes is discussed. The processes of inflammation and tissue repair are described and their importance to the human body explained. OUTLINE (two or three fifty-minute lectures) Chapt. Object. Topic Outline, Chapter 4 Transparency Acetates I. Epithelial Tissues, p. 103 1; 2 A. Common Characteristics Fig. 4.1, p. 104 TA-67 1. Little or No Extracellular Material 2. Covers and Lines Surfaces 3. Free Surface and Basement Membrane 4. Specialized Cell Contacts Hold Cells Together 5. Avascular Past Basement Membrane 6. Maintain Mitotic Capability 3 B. Classification of Epithelial Tissues Fig. 4.2, p. 104 Table 4.1, p. 108 TA-67 4 1. Based on Number of Cell Layers a. Simple - One Fig. 4.2a,b,c, p. 104-105 TA-67; TA-68 b. Stratified - More than One Fig. 4.2d,e,f, p. 106-107 TA-69; TA-70 c. Pseudostratified - One, Appear- ing Like Several Fig. 4.2g, p. 107 TA-70 4 2. Based on Cell Shape a. Squamous = Flat Fig. 4.2a,d, p. 104 TA-67; TA-70 b. Cuboidal = Cube-Like Fig. 4.2b,e, p. 105
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Chapter 4 Histology Outline - CHAPTER 4 HISTOLOGY: THE...

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