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Chapter 6 Bones and Bone Tissue objectives

Chapter 6 Bones and Bone Tissue objectives - 8 Name the two...

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Chapter 6: Skeletal System: Bones and Bone Tissue Chapter Objectives 1. Name the components of the skeletal system, and list its major functions. 2. Define the different types of cartilage cells, and describe cartilage matrix. 3. Describe the perichondrium and the formation of cartilage by appositional and interstitial growth. 4. Name the major bone shapes, and describe their anatomy. 5. Describe the composition and organization of bone matrix. 6. Define the different types of bone cells, and describe their functions and their origins. 7. Describe the features that characterize woven, cancellous, and compact bone.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Name the two patterns of bone formation, and describe the feature of each. 9. Describe bone growth, and explain how it differs from the growth of cartilage. 10. List the nutritional and hormonal requirements for bone growth. 11. Explain how bone remodeling occurs, and describe the conditions in which it occurs. 12. Describe the effects of mechanical strain and of inadequate stress on bone. 13. Describe the process of bone repair, the cells involved, and the types of tissue produced. 14. Explain the role of bone in calcium homeostasis....
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