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Chapter 6 Bones and Bone Tissue outline

Chapter 6 Bones and Bone Tissue outline - CHAPTER 6...

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CHAPTER 6 SKELETAL SYSTEM: BONES AND BONE TISSUE CHAPTER OVERVIEW : This chapter introduces the histology of the skeletal system in detail. The types of bones as well as the composition, location, and function of each bone type are presented. The processes of bone growth, development, and repair are discussed. OUTLINE (two or three fifty-min. lectures): Seeley, A&P, 5/e Chapt. Object. Topic Outline, Chapter 6 Figures & Tables Transparency Acetates 1 I. Functions of the Skeletal System, p. 157 A. Support B. Protection C. Movement D. Storage E. Blood Cell Production 1,2 II. Cartilage, P. 157 Fig. 6.1, p. 158 TA-98 1. Chondroblasts 3 2. Perichondrium 3. Appositional and Interstitial Growth Predict Quest. 1 III. Bone Anatomy p. 158 4 A. Bone Shape Fig. 6.2, p.158 TA-99 1. Long Bones Fig. 6.3, p. 159 TA-100 TA-101 2. Short Bones 3. Flat Bones Fig. 6.5, p. 160 TA-103 4. Irregular Bones B. Bone Anatomy 1. Long Bones Table 6.1, p. 160 Fig. 6.3, p.159 TA-100 a. Diaphysis & Compact Bone b. Epiphysis 1) Cancellous Bone 2) Articular Cartilage
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3) Epiphyseal Plate c. Medullary Cavity Fig. 6.3b, p.159 TA-100
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