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Chapter 10 Muscular System Histology and Physiology Outline

Chapter 10 Muscular System Histology and Physiology Outline...

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CHAPTER 10 MUSCULAR SYSTEM: Histology and Physiology CHAPTER OVERVIEW : This chapter introduces the muscular system. The structures and mechanisms that allow contraction of individual fibers are described in detail. The structural and functional connections between motor neurons and skeletal muscles are described. The properties of whole muscle contraction are described and the relation to the activity of motor units is explained. Differences in cellular structure and contractile properties among muscle types are explained. OUTLINE (two or three fifty-min. lectures): Chapt. Object. Topic Outline, Chapter 10 Figures & Tables Transparency Acetates 1 I. General Functional Characteristics of Muscle p. 276 Table 10.1, p.276 a. Contractility b. Excitability c. Extensibility d. Elasticity 2 II. Skeletal Muscle: Structure Fig. 10.1, p.277 A. Connective Tissue Fig. 10.2, p.277 TA-179 1. External Lamina - Just Beyond Sarcolemma 2. Endomysium 3. Perimysium - Forms Fasciculi 4. Epimysium 5. Fascia 3 B. Muscle Fibers a. Develop from Myoblasts b. Sarcoplasm with Myofibrils Fig. 10.3, p.279 TA-180 1) Actin Myofilaments 2) Myosin Myofilaments 1. Sarcomeres Fig. 10.4, p.280 TA-181 1) Z Disk Fig. 10.5, p.280 TA-181 2) I Bands (Isotropic) 3) A Bands (Anisotropic) 4) H Zones 5) M Lines 2. Actin and Myosin Myofilaments a. Tropomyosin and Troponin b. Globular Actin (G protein) c. Heavy Myosin Molecules d. Crossbridges 3. T-Tubules and Sarcoplasmic Reticulum a. Fig. 10.6a, p.281 Fig. 10.6b, p.281 Fig. 10.7, p.281 Fig. 10.7, p. 281 TA-182 TA-182 TA-182 TA-183 III. Sliding Filament Model , p. 280 Predict Quest. 1: TA-184
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IV. Physiology of Skeletal Muscle Fibers , p. 282 Fig. 10.8, p.282 4 A. Neuromuscular Junction Fig. 10.9, p.283 Predict Quest. 2 TA-185 a. Synapse b. Presynaptic Terminal Fig. 10.10, p.284 TA-186 c. Synaptic Cleft Fig. 10.10a, p.284 TA-186 d. Postsynaptic Membrane/Motor End Plate
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Chapter 10 Muscular System Histology and Physiology Outline...

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