9. Memory - Memory Memory: the capacity to retain and...

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Memory Memory: the capacity to retain and retrieve information Flashbulb memories: dramatic positive or negative memory Memories for traumatic events: more vivid than ordinary events, main aspects of trauma remembered. -can distort details, accuracy fades over time -personal recollections of 9/11 or Columbine -cohort differences How to measure memory: -recall: ability to retrieve info which has been learned earlier -recognition: ability to identify previously encountered info -relearning: effort is saved in having learned something before Recall Task (name eight reindeers that were Rudolph’s friends Recognition Task (which of the following list were Rudolph’s friends?) Models of Memory -information processing model: memory and mind are like a computer Encoding: how to put info in, retain, store and retrieve -levels of processing: different levels of processing impact encoding LEVEL TYPE OF EXAMPLE OF Q. USED TO PROCESSING ENCODING ELICIT ENCODING Shallow processing structural encoding: is the word written in caps? Emphasizes physical structure Of the stimulus Intermediate processing phonemic encoding: does the word rhyme with Emphasizes what a word weight? Sounds like Deep processing semantic encoding: would the word fit in the Emphasizes the meaning sentence: “he met a __ on the Of verbal input street”? 3 Box model of memory -sensory memory -short term memory -long term memory Sensory memory -retains for 1-2 seconds -acts as a holding bin -½ second in visual subsystem
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9. Memory - Memory Memory: the capacity to retain and...

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