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The following is information for your citations. Please review the APA format guide provided on ctools. Remember, we will not be grading down for errors as long as you make a reasonable attempt to cite the information. Film One Quiet rage: The Stanford prison study [videorecording] Stanford Instructional Television Network ; produced and directed by Ken Musen ; written by Ken Musen and Philip Zimbardo, 1992 In text: (Quiet Rage, 1992) Film Two Obedience [videorecording] / Stanley Milgram. Published New York: New York University, Center for Media Services, 1965
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Unformatted text preview: In text: (Obedience, 1965) Citing Lecture Notes: There is not universal agreement about how to cite lecture notes. Students may choose to cite lecture as personal communication (see OWL at Purdue posted on ctools) or if preferred a formal in-text citation with the following reference format: Schreier, Shelly. Psychological Research . University of Michigan., Psych 111: Introductory Psychology. Ann Arbor, Michigan. September 14, 2010 In text: (Schreier, September 14, 2010)...
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