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Psych Lecture Notes 09/07/10 The scientific investigation of mental processes and behavior reflects the influences of Biological processes – firing neurons, etc. Individual differences – people experience things in different ways, such as pain threshold Time and culture – things change a lot in terms of our understanding of psychology. For example, autism used to be thought of as a lack of proper mothering. 4 Goals of Psychology 1. Describe how people and animals behave 2. Understand and explain the causes of behavior. 3. Predict behaviors/reactions across situations. 4. Control behavior through understanding its causes and consequences. A Sample of Psychological Perspectives -Biological perspective -Understand the mind and behavior through biological processes in the brain -Electrical and chemical processes of neurons -Localization of function -Phineas Gage – maybe the most famous person to survive brain damage. He was working on the railroad and a tamping iron blew through his head. Some months after the accident, he went back to work, but his personality changed. It changed so much that
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P Lec Notes 090710 - Psych Lecture Notes 09/07/10 The...

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