P Lec Notes 091410 - Lecture Notes 09/14/10 -What do you...

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Lecture Notes 09/14/10 -What do you believe? -Theory: A systematic way of organizing and understanding observations -Hypothesis: A proposed relationship between two variables -Variable: anything that can be measured or described along a particular dimension -Continuous Variable: a variable which can be measured across a continuum -Categorical Variable: a variable with a fixed meaning or attribute -Operationalize Definitions: Label and describe the variables of interest -Research on sexual activity and adolescence: how do you define “sexually active” -Research on Marijuana use and academic achievement: how does one define/differentiate “use” -Research on Aggression and Preschoolers: what is aggression? -It's necessary to define the different terms used, because many things can be very ambiguous without a clarification for what's considered “sexually active” or a “marijuana user” or “aggressive”. -Research Methods in Five Easy Steps -Develop a theory based on observations -Develop a hypothesis from the theory -Design a research study -Gather the data -Analyze data and report findings -Measurement Issues in Research -Validity: Does it measure what it is supposed to measure -Snickers example – Not a valid measure of hunger, for various factors including how much someone likes snickers, whether or not someone is allergic to nuts, etc. -Reliability: do you get consistent results over time -Getting consistent results over time could be achieved, but does not necessarily mean the findings are valid. -Data Collections Techniques
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P Lec Notes 091410 - Lecture Notes 09/14/10 -What do you...

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