P Lec Notes 092810 (K)

P Lec Notes 092810 (K) - Visual Cliff Experiments Do we...

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Visual Cliff Experiments: Do we develop depth perception or are we born with it? (crawling experiment) Cross Cultural Influences - Ba Mbuti Pygmies - Understanding of the perceptual world depended on experiences - Gregory and Gombrich study of North Americans, Europeans and East African subjects who saw a figure with and ambiguous shaped square above the head. (window vs basket or box) Consciousness: awareness of internal and external stimuli - of external events - of internal sensations - of oneself as unique to experiences - of thoughts about experiences Subliminal Perception: to be unaware of things and have them still have an impact - James Vicary and “Drink Coke and Eat Popcorn” - Krosnick study: subliminal messages may shape attitudes without conscious awareness Freud and Consciousness (Three Levels) 1. Conscious: mental events we are aware of 2. Preconscious: mental events that can be brought to our awareness 3. Unconscious: mental events inaccessible to our awareness Sleep and Awareness research Circadian Cycles - individuals have different internal clocks - most run on a 24 hour cycle - almost all are set for sleep at night - night time sleepiness: 2am-6am peak - Siesta Zone: 1-4 pm - Programmed for naps Sleep disturbances and circadian rhythm Sleeping and Dreaming - Functions of Sleep - Memory Consolidation - Energy Conservation - Helps restore bodily functions - Sleep deprivations - Decrease immune functions - Leads to hallucinations and perceptual disorders
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- Less alert and attentive - More irritable - Ability to perform simple tasks declines Stages of Sleep - Non REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep
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P Lec Notes 092810 (K) - Visual Cliff Experiments Do we...

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