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Psych Lecture Notes 10/26/10 Intelligence -Giftedness: Generally believed to be those with an IQ of 130+ (upper 2-3% of the population) -Characteristics -Precocious; master things earlier -Teachers may not identify them correctly -Gifted vs. “Profoundly Gifted” distinction -May have exceptional potential in visual/performing arts, leadership traits or empathy -Acceleration not current recommendation -Terman: long term study of gifted individuals (longest running study – since 1921) -1500 youngsters (average IQ = 150) -Found to be above average in height, weight, strength, physical health, emotional stability, and social satisfaction throughout adulthood -Most are socially successful, above average in psychological adjustment -Winner notes different from profoundly gifted (IQ > 180) as these children may be more introverted and socially isolated. -Spearman: Two Factor Theory of Intelligence -g factor or general abilities: comprehension or spatial skills, verbal abilities -s factor or specific abilities: numerical reasoning, rote memory skills -Cattell: Two types of g factor of intelligence -Fluid Intelligence: innate skills not dependent on the environment; more biologically based. Memory, for example. -Crystallized Intelligence: academic learning, ability to use information learned in problem solving; Related to environment and experience -Sternberg's three facets of intelligence: -Practical intelligence: dealing with problems encountered in everyday life -Analytical intelligence: abstract reasoning, good test taking skills
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P Lec Notes 102610 - Psych Lecture Notes...

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