Psych Assignment 2 - UM ID: 27303745 Psychology Assignment...

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UM ID: 27303745 Psychology Assignment #2 Anthony Cao UM ID #27303745 Psych 111- 060
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UM ID: 27303745 1. a. One target behavior that would be beneficial to increase is Peter's reading. By becoming more engaged in reading, Peter could become a more educated child, and hence have greater potential as an adult. Being more educated, especially in terms of his reading ability, will allow Peter to obtain better opportunities in work and lifestyle later on. Also, reading ability is a very practical, everyday skill. Increased reading ability will allow him to function more independently as a member of society. One potential reinforcer could be popsicles. As seen in Educating Peter , Peter enjoys coming home and eating popsicles. Weiten explains that “you can use reinforcers that you are already getting”(Weiten 252). Hence, because he is already eating popsicles and enjoys them, popsicles would make for a logical reinforcer. Peter will certainly increase his response strength of reading if he receives more popsicles, as it is clear that he enjoys eating them. Reinforcement contingencies should be set up to further promote Peter's reading. This is done by setting up goals of what must be accomplished first before being rewarded with the reinforcer. Contingencies could be arranged such that Peter only receives one popsicle after school if he's willing to first read to his mother or father a short, basic paragraph. Because Peter is able to read a sentence in front of his class, his comfort and willingness to read should be increased in front of his parents. Hence, reading a short, basic paragraph to his parents
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Psych Assignment 2 - UM ID: 27303745 Psychology Assignment...

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