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Fall10111PracticeTest3_1__5B1_5D_1_ - Psychology 111 060...

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Psychology 111 060 Fall 2010 Professor Schreier Practice Questions for Exam 3 1. The initial phase of prenatal development, which begins at conception and includes the first two weeks is called: a) Fetal b) Germinal c) Embryonic d) Zygotic 2. Jacob seems unresponsive to his mother when she is present. When Jacob’s mother leaves the room he does not show signs of distress. When a stranger approaches him, he reacts to the stranger in a similar way that he reacts to his mother. After his mother returns to the room he is slow to greet her. According to Ainsworth’s research, what type of attachment does Jacob display? 3. ________________ theory of personality emphasized one’s striving for superiority, while _______________ described a pyramid of needs and drives towards the ultimate goal of self-actualization. a) Freud’s, Rogers b) Adler’s, Maslow c) Mishel’s, Jung d) Eysenk’s, Bandura
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