P Lec Notes 110410 - Psych Lecture Notes Developmental...

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Psych Lecture Notes 11/04/10 Developmental Psychology -Developmental Psychology: Universal aspects of lifespan development from conception through death; identifies cultural variations -Explores physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development -Physical Development -Cephalocaudal: head to feet -Proximodistal: center moving outward -Prenatal Developmental -Germinal Phase (conception – 2 weeks) -Zygote: fertilized egg -Placenta: structure that allows oxygen and nutrients to pass into fetus from mother's bloodstream; allows waste to pass out -Embryonic Stage: (2-8 weeks) -Head, face and neck develop -Buds for limbs form and grow -Major organs/digestive system differentiating -Heartbeat begins -Fetal Stage: (8 th week-birth) -3 rd month: Digestive organs begin to function Buds for teeth form Sex organs develop rapidly Arms/Fingers move -4 th month: Face looks human Lower body outgrows head Bones are defined -5 th month: Fingernails and toenails appear Lanugo: fine, wooly hair over body Vernix: waxy coating collects -6 th month: Eyebrows/lashes well defined Eyes completely formed -7 th month: Fetus capable of life outside uterus -8 th /9 th month: Fat is deposited for later use Fingernails beyond fingertips Lanugo is shed Myelination of brain takes place Chief organs increase functioning Vernix covers body -Teratogens: harmful toxins that affect development resulting in defect, damage or anomaly
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P Lec Notes 110410 - Psych Lecture Notes Developmental...

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