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Carl Rogers: accepts the self-actualizing tendency; explores individuals who do and do not function well - Looked at the relationship between the self (one’s conscious feelings/views of self) and the person (sum of experiences, feelings, perceptions and wishes) - Congruence: when sense of self and the person are consistent it allows positive functioning - Incongruence: sense of self/person in conflict - Unconditional Positive Regard: attempt to resolve conflict; accept one may have acted badly and still be a good person; accepts one in a positive and accepting manner Personality Types Sheldon: body types “somatotypes” linked with personality characteristics Endomorph: round, soft body, few muscles = tolerant, calm, needs affection Mesomorph: muscular, upright, firm, mature = adventurous, competitive, less empathetic Ectomorph: thin, delicate, few muscles, smart = shy, introverted, self-conscious Eysenck’s Theory: Personality is determined by a large extent to one’s genes - All personality from 3 higher order traits - Extraversion: sociable, assertive, lively - Neuroticism: anxious, tense, moody low self esteem - Psychoticism: egocentric, cold, impulsive Terror Management Theory: explores our need to use self-esteem as a buffer against anxiety over our mortality research has Stress and Coping Part 1 Post 9?11 Research Findings - Much initial research looked at college students, flight attendants, pilots and firefighters - Researchers relied on other finings specific to reactions to other traumas (hurricanes, Oklahoma City Bombing, Challenger Explosion) commonly note increased anxiety reactions - Direct exposure through loss and indirect exposure through TV viewing
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P Lec Notes 111610 - Carl Rogers: accepts the...

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