Paper #2- Kids Online

Paper #2- Kids Online - Shelby Jacquemain 3/22/11 Soc...

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Shelby Jacquemain 3/22/11 Soc 102-006 A child’s innocence is something everyone strives to preserve. Children are sheltered and kept hidden behind doors all for the sole purpose of not exposing them to the vulgar things in the real world. Through all of these attempts the Internet has managed to weasel its way into children’s minds, consuming large portions of daily life. Sexual solicitations pop up with an increase of disconcerting body images developing. The strife experienced during school day interactions follows a child home through the means of AIM and Facebook. These social networks involving the Internet have become very concerning to parents, they are worried for their child’s safety and some hysteria has made its way into families’ homes. While all this hysteria is taking place, certain things become dramatized such as the threat of sexual predators while others become overlooked such as the mental damage cyber bullying is capable of. It seems the Internet in children’s lives is something to worry about, yet the wrong things about the Internet are emphasized. There has been a lot of hype recently about sexual predators and the Internet. There is an intense fear of old men luring young innocent children to an obscure location where sexual acts ensue. However this image is more so a creation of imaginations rather than an image of reality. Some argue that these children cannot make conscious decisions about how to deal with potentially dangerous encounters on the Internet, saying, “They are recruited. They are brainwashed. They’re not making logical decisions” (From Growing Up On Line, PBS/Frontline). When looked at it this way it almost seems that not enough credit is given to kids. They know how to use the Internet, therefore they
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Paper #2- Kids Online - Shelby Jacquemain 3/22/11 Soc...

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