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Shelby Jacquemain 2/13/11 Sociology 102-006 One of the hardest events for parents is letting a child go to school for the first time. Everyone can conjure up that image of a mother sending her child off to school on the big yellow school bus with a new lunchbox in hand. However, today there is now a way to postpone that bittersweet moment and allow children just one extra year to their childhood. This phenomenon is labeled “redshirting.” It basically means holding your child back from kindergarten for a year. It keeps those kids who are on the borderline age from potentially being the youngest kid in the class. It is fascinating to discern why exactly this is becoming more and more common. It seems to be acceptable, and what determines the frequency of this redshirting is being researched. Several reasons this redshirting could be considered okay in today’s society could very well have to do with what the motivations are for a parent to initiate redshirting. There are many potential factors that can go into parents deciding to red shirt their child. It seems that some racial distinctions could be made. However, the lack of knowledge in ethnic households other than my own prevents my deciding which race of parent would be more likely to allow for redshirting. And when looked at in a new way, it is not always the race of a family that determines their decision to redshirt their child, but rather the economy and type of household the child grew up in. With not all the same
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Soc Essay1 - Shelby Jacquemain 2/13/11 Sociology 102-006...

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