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UMID: 85056748 Psych 280-010 10/13/11 Social Psychology has its title for a reason. Each theory discussed and experiment performed reflects some aspect of everyday life. That is the beauty of it, it can actually, visibly be seen in day-to-day interactions. Movies do their best to mirror the image of different lifestyles, from different racial and ethnic storylines to romantic comedies. The goal of these movies is too somewhat exaggerate what is seen and experienced in life. In Easy A , a high school girl, Olive, experiences, in its most extreme sense, what it is like to be an outcast because of gossip, a poor reputation, and actions that were falsely committed. Within this real life representation, social psychology takes a role in the thought processes that occur within the film, as well as why it is events unfold the way they do. Different social psychological theories can be applied throughout the plotline as well as in individual scenes and characters. Certain theories really stand out in this film, especially ones that concern questioning one’s identity through behaviors and thought processes, as well as comparing one’s self to others. One particular theory that stands out in the course of this movie is the social comparison theory. This is a theory in which people compare themselves to others in order to determine his or her own standing. It can be used to determine skills, appearance, as well as experience (Gilovich, Keltner, & Nisbett 2011). In the movie, Olive starts off her tryst by comparing herself to her best friend Rhi. She says “Rhiannon has what you call a strong personality” and then Rhi practically forces a confession out of Olive, even though it was false. One of the driving factors in her saying this, is her comparison of Rhi, she said perhaps what drove her to confess to false sexual activity was because “maybe it was the first time I sort of felt superior to Rhi.” This is the thought that very possibly set off the chain of events that is to follow, and it was all because
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Olive compared herself to Rhi, and felt that she was lesser. By looking at Rhi’s status in her sex
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Film Analysis Paper - UMID: 85056748 Psych 280-010 10/13/11...

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