supplychainpaper - Team 1: Rimports (USA) LLC Joey Lambert,...

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Team 1: Rimports (USA) LLC Joey Lambert, Jesse Badger, Chandra Bertoch, Mike Gustafson, Kexiang (Lola) Hu ScentSationals Our project was done with Rimports (USA) LLC who imports ceramic candle warmers from China, but also has a factory here in Provo that produces scented wax cubes which are then in turn distributed mainly under the ScentSationals and the Better Homes and Gardens brands. We had our first interaction with the company through a tour given to us by Becky the Vice President of Accounting at Rimports. During this tour Becky explained to us how the operations of the warehouse function. Basically they start with raw wax, fragrance, and coloring, mix them all together, pour them into plastic clamshells, box the product, and ship it when the specific product is ordered. By observing the operations of the company we found that the company could do some things better in order to increase their efficiency. For example for the past two months the company has been operating at full capacity 24/7. This created problems because the company had not come up with a proper forecast of demand, and therefore ended up paying their employees excessive amounts of overtime pay. Another problem that we observed was that the company spends a lot of time fixing problems that have been made. A better solution would be for the company to prevent errors from occurring in the first place. The final observation that we made was that the company seemed to have a lot of excess inventory. This happened partially because of a purchasing order where an employee ordered 60,000 of a specific item rather than 6,000, but also the company seemed to have a tendency to stockpile a large inventory rather than
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supplychainpaper - Team 1: Rimports (USA) LLC Joey Lambert,...

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