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Year-end Review Vocabulary List One 葡葡 pu2 tao2 grapes 葡葡 cao3 mei2 strawberry 葡葡 xi1 gua1 watermelon 葡葡 ping2 guo3 Apple 葡葡 yu3 fa3 Grammar 葡葡 ci2hui4 Vocabulary 葡葡 jing4 zi3 Mirror 葡葡 yan3 jing1 Eyes 葡葡 yan3 jing4 Eyeglasses 葡葡 jie2 mao2 Eyelash 葡葡 mei2 mao2 Eyebrows 葡 mao1 cat 葡 miao1 cats’ sound 葡葡 ya2 chi3 teeth 葡葡 ya2 shua1 toothbrush 葡葡 shua1 ya2 brush teeth 葡葡 ya2 gao1 toothpaste 葡葡 niu3nai3 milk 葡葡 nai3 niu3 milky cow 葡葡 qian1 bi3 pencils 葡葡 gang1bi3 pens 葡葡 mao2bi3 葡葡 mei3 tian1 every day 葡 shen1葡dark葡葡/葡 qian3/dan4葡light葡 葡葡葡葡葡hong2 se4, Red葡 葡葡 huang2 se4 yellow葡 葡葡葡葡葡lv4 se4, green葡葡葡 lan2 se4, blue葡 葡葡 zi3
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