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Theater Appreciation Final Studyguide

Theater Appreciation Final Studyguide - Theater...

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Theater Appreciation 5/10 The Director o Defined not by what he/she does, but rather what they’re responsible for o Everything which happens is a direct result of director’s choices o Other can make suggestions, but it is ultimately the director’s decision o 4 things the director is responsible for: 1. Style : individualization of art form 2. Tempo : changing rates/beats of dramatic action 3. Mood : feeling or emotion generated from clash of forces in dramatic action 4. Idea : core meaning of what play has to say o Tone : accumulation of all the moods within a play Two sources for parenthetical phrasing in scripts: o The author o First professional production (stage direction) Ex. “Nice shirt!” (Sarcastically) _ PICTURE A TRIANGULAR PYRAMID o The top: Idea o 2 nd Line: Character o 3 rd Line: Dramatic Action o 4 th Line: Given Circumstances (Facts)
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As you move up the triangle each piece is revealed (4,3,2,1) Focus goes from objective subjective Copyright: o Meant to protect author and his/her heirs for a certain amount of time o Owning rights to a work o Right to roy a lti e s R o yal t ies payment to either the author or whoever owns the piece being used o Time period loyalties: The author’s life + 50 years Exceptions have been made to last longer Ex. Walt Disney Creations At some point the work loses its rights and falls into
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Theater Appreciation Final Studyguide - Theater...

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