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Theater Appreciation Notes 5 - November 3 2009...

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November 3, 2009 Lecture -Discussion on two things: finish up talking about the stage manager o With great precision, the stage manager acts as a conductor. o Things can happen during a live event. Stage manager is responsible for what happens during the performance. o Promptbook Right side of the book is the script and cues Left side of book is “blocking” – all the director’s notes. Blocking is necessary so different stage managers can understand the production. Understudies – two types o Being on call (standby) – they are not in the show, but they know usually several roles. They must be at the top of their game, and most of the time not get to perform. Usually not set in roles (even if they are better) because their names are not as well known. Tickets won’t sell as well. o The swing – They are in the show in a small role. Usually means that the cast is pretty big. Knows many roles as well. If director is not there, this book becomes THE source. Promptbook allows the production to keep going. o Only one thing the director can do that stage manager cannot: stage manager cannot re-direct the show. Stage manager is not free to reinterpret the script. - Discussion on MacHomer o
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To get us in the mood He tells us to imitate best Homer imitations. We all do the same thing without any indication.
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Theater Appreciation Notes 5 - November 3 2009...

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