Theater Appreciation Notes 9

Theater Appreciation Notes 9 - • Individuals •...

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December 8, 2009 Lecture - Why would anyone give? o Four categories of givers Corporations They get advertisements in return for endorsements. Tax deductions as an incentive. Part of corporation’s existence depends on its employees, and the quality/happiness of the employees. Through endorsements, corporations can get discounts and/or perks for the employees. “Aren’t we a wonderful company to work for?” o Matching gift program. – any money an employee gives to a charity recognized by the IRS, the company will match the gift.
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Unformatted text preview: • Individuals • Government • Grants • Foundations • Organizations specifically set up to give money away • People donate money to these foundations to experience ROIs. -In a nonprofit, tickets are cheaper because of contributions. -Producing. -It takes about 20 million dollars to pay everything off up until show run. -After show starts running, each week expenses called “weekly nut”. o Weekly profits go to start paying down the 20 million debt. -Open ended runs and close ended runs -Betrayal -Lots of silence. “Dead spots”...
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Theater Appreciation Notes 9 - • Individuals •...

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