Theater Appreciation Notes 10

Theater Appreciation Notes 10 - New York Times Articles...

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New York Times Articles: . Eclectic Tastes, Distinctive Growl, Full Plate: o In Idiot Savant, William Dafoe leads a giant anthropomorphic duck around the stage by its genitals o The director’s choice of Mr. Dafoe for the role was mostly “A MUSICAL thing” . Donmar’s Impact Echoes From London to New York: o What is the distinctly familiar set piece that has become a “stylistic signature” of Donmar Warehouse?: Massive stone towers at the rear of the stage, (brick wall) . Advanced Steps: Multiple Shows on Broadway o What play was inspired by the career of the pioneering disc jockey Dewey Phillips? Memphis . Are they Laughing? Are they Moved? o Neil Simon “I was smart for not having thrown it out? What is he talking about? 35 pages of a script titled “Brighton Beach Memoirs,” written nine years earlier . One writes, the other acts. Sparks fly o And I think what I bring to it is trying to do with good humor, grace, and RESILANCE“ o The stage manager, Roxanne, is a classic Julie White character, with SLAPSTICK and poignancy. . To Lynn Redgrave, the examined Life is Worth Staging o “Nightingale” is Lynn Redgrave’s introspective one women play about her GRANDMOTHER o This play is a series of family stores and dialogues about love, marriage, and MOTHERHOOD
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. Playwright and Director in a Hair Shirt o I don’t enjoy dealing with people as much as I like WRITING, but I think experience has taught me not to take everything quite so seriously o And yet we spend most of our time dealing with losing our CAR KEYS, This play is more concerned with what cause the formation of galaxies . Finding New meaning in a Pageant of Dreams o Where was the location of the photo shoot? Ellis Island o With so many characters “Ragtime” is an ENSEMBLE piece . Writer Digs Up Gods from the Bayou o McRaney’s Prose is as raw as his subject matter: children growing up without parents…adults holding on to HOPE! o
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Theater Appreciation Notes 10 - New York Times Articles...

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