Theater Appreciation Notes 15

Theater Appreciation Notes 15 - Theater Appreciation...

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Unformatted text preview: Theater Appreciation 10/8/08 The Designers: *Georg II, the Duke of SaxeMeiningen (director) Promoted unity in design Adolphe Appia 3dimensional sets light used to contour Edward Gordon Craig Used nonrepresentational screens as a staging device (abstract) Lit from above The Greeks, yet again: The Physical production The script is the blueprint The actors put the story into action The physical production creates the world of the play The physical production is by DESIGN choice supports the script defines characters Design has aesthetic characteristics color, scale, line, balance, harmony, rhythm Scenery, lighting and and costumes can… Create realistic environments create imagined lands create uniquely conceived visualizations that interpret the play visually The Design Process: Begins with a concept Visually driven by the Director A conversation between the collaborators (lights, costume, scenery) Collaboration is fundamental to the process Mental Images, expressed in words El Greco blues Cartoon world etc. Visual Research Comprehensive design emerges Designers provide rendering costume designers > sketch Set designers > models Lighting > lighting plot Considerations: How will it look? Evaluated individually and as a part of the whole How will it propel the action of the play How will it tie the actors to the audience? Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett Case Study: We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay! By Dario Fo Ralph Fasanella – painter, painted working class people. ...
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Theater Appreciation Notes 15 - Theater Appreciation...

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