1.7 Applications - How far did they travel 4 A candy store...

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1.7 APPLICATIONS Read the problem, listing known and unknown values. Diagrams may be helpful. If a formula can be used, substitute the known values into the formula. If not, assign a variable to the unknown items; then translate the other information in the problem into expressions using the variable. Combine the expressions into an equation and solve. Reread the problem to be sure you’ve answered the question that was asked. 1. The area of a rectangular field is 120 square yards. The length is 7 yards greater than its width. Find the perimeter of the field. 2. An inheritance of $100,000 is invested in CDs and bonds. The CDs yield 4% a year and the bonds yield 5% a year. If the total yield from the two investments at the end of one year is $4600, how much was invested in each? 3. Two cars enter the Florida Turnpike at 10 a.m. both heading for Gainesville . One car’s average speed is 5 mph slower than the other. The slower car arrives in Gainesville at 3:36, 24 minutes behind the faster car. What was the average speed of each car?
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Unformatted text preview: How far did they travel? 4. A candy store sells boxes of candy containing caramels and crèmes. Each box sells for $12.50 and holds 30 pieces of candy (all pieces are the same size). If the caramels cost $0.25 to produce and the crèmes cost $0.45 to produce, how many of each should be in a box to make a profit of $3. 5. Jean can paint a room in 5 hours; Liana can do it in 4 hours. How long would it take them working together? 6. An adjustable water sprinkler that sprays water in a circular pattern is placed at the center of a square field with an area of 1568 square feet. What is the shortest radius that can be used if the field is to be completely enclosed within the circle? 7. An object is propelled into the air with an initial velocity of 30 meters per second. The distance s of the object from the ground after t seconds is s = -4.9t 2 + 30t . a. When will the object be 20 meters above the ground? b. When will the object strike the ground?...
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1.7 Applications - How far did they travel 4 A candy store...

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